Industrial Vehicles
Key Figures

Since its origin in 1961, STIA (Tunisian Company of Automotive Industry) has evolved and diversified according to the demands of the market and in response to the changes in the regulation of international commerce.

The Production of Buses-Coaches :

STIA began over forty years ago and went through three major phases based on technological progress made in the areas of design, development and management :

- First phase (1964-1973) :
Bus CKD's were imported, painted and equipped with seats and interior furnishings.

- Second phase (1974-1986) :
STIA produced two types of bodies under VAN-HOOL contract: one for city buses, the other for inter-city buses. The specific tools and equipment were supplied by the contractor.

- Third phase (since 1987) :
STIA developed its own body designs and made a definite move into the production of coaches.

In 1998, STIA signed new contracts to purchase :
     - chassis with wheels :

IRISBUS Spain : for city, intercity coaches and minibuses
RVI France : for minibuses (35 passengers)
IKARUSBUS Hungary : for city and intercity articulated coaches
MERCEDES Germany : for tourist coaches
SCANIA Sweden : for tourist coaches

     - industrial vehicles CKD's :

IVECO Italy : Lorries and trucks (3.5 t up to 26t P.T.C)
RVI France : Lorries and trucks (12 t up to 26t P.T.C)
SCANIA Sweden : Trucks                (12 t up to 26t P.T.C)
MERCEDES Germany : Lorries and trucks (12 t up to 26t P.T.C)

STIA had dedicated itself to the improvement of vehicle production through reorganization and modernization by recruiting technically qualified personnel using high performance DAO/CAO software.

STIA has diversified its products to respond to the growing and specific needs of the market.

STIA counts among its customers the following big national and regional companies of transport ministry and private companies.

The Assembly of Industrial Vehicles :

STIA began the business of assembling industrial vehicles in 1967 and since then has grown steadily, aided in part by the National Parks' standardization of its fleet.

In 1991, under the supervision of the Tunisian Commercial Office, STIA signed contracts for five years with foreign builders such as IVECO, RVI and SCANIA. An agreement with MERCEDES was signed in 2002.
Tunisian government has signed agreement with OMC to free trade up to 2008 in order to progressive reduction of protective tariffs over a twelve year period.

From December 1998, STIA committed a plan to upgrade its product to meet European Standards in order to made quality, productivity, low cost and to position itself in local and foreign markets.

All of the efforts were crowned in July 2000, when STIA received ISO 9002 certification.

Key Figures :

- Business Figures (2002 ) : 114 MDT

- Capital : 20 000 000 DT

- Number of employees : 750

Head office : Z.I. Sidi Abdelhamid- Sousse- Tunisia - Tel. : 00 216 73 232 530 - Fax : 00 216 73 233 278